This is our recommended amounts and types of alcohols for the various flavors we offer.

Our mouthwatering flavors are made with pure cane sugar.

NO high fructose corn syrup goes into any of our products. We use premium ingredients, including organic flavoring in our top three flavors, and real fruit for our most popular flavors – a rarity in the margarita machine business.

It costs a little more than using the imitation products… but once you taste the difference, you’ll understand why.



Recommended Alcohol


2 or 3 L of Tequila

(may use 2 L for drinks with less kick, or up to 3.5 L for stronger drinks)

½ L of Triple Sec

Piña Colada

2 L of Rum

Electric Lemonade

3 L of Tequila or Vodka

Pain Killer

1 L of Myers Rum

1 L of Bacardi Lite

Mai Tai

1 L of Light Rum (silver)

1 L of Dark Rum (gold)


3.75 L – Red Wine (5 – 750 mL bottles)

½ L – Brandy


3 L – Rosé wine (4 – 750 mL bottles)

750 mL – Vodka


2 L of Vodka or Vanilla Vodka

King Cake Daiquiri™

2 L of Vodka (or light Rum)


2 L of Light or Dark Rum

White Russian

1.5 L – Vodka

750 mL – Kahlua (optional)


2 L of Whiskey, Bourbon, or Rum


2 L of Tequila, Rum, or Vodka


2 L of Tequila, Rum, or Vodka

Peach Bellini

3.75 L of Champagne (5 standard bottles)

1 L of Rum

½ L of Peach Schnapps


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